The breathtaking waterfalls at the Ram Tzul Natural Reserve; Semuc Champey’s shallow staircase of sublime turquoise pools; Candelaria’s limestone mountains, full of caves; the National Park Laguna Lachúa’s circular lake surrounded by a dense tropical jungle; The Chelemhá Cloud Forest Reserve's pristine very humid cloud forest of evergreen broadleaf forest full of flora and fauna... the possibilities are endless in this destination abounding with nature!



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5 Day Guatemalan Nature Encounters

Get lost in nature in Guatemala's tropical jungle. Alta Verapaz offers this region a unique climate and ecosystem. Everything thrives, from plants and birds to pumas and tapirs, you have an opportunity to experience nature like never before. Take a dip in Semuc Champey's sublime turquoise pools and take a tubing trip through Candelaria's amazing cave system. This trip is an adventure and nature lover's paradise!

Day 1: Enjoy Nature in

Ram Tzul

Day 2: Indulge in

Semuc Champey

Day 3: Explore Candaleria

Day 4: Discover 

Laguna Lachua

Day 5: Experience Guatemala City


Rappel B'ombi'l Peq

The name B'ombi'l Peq (Bombil Pek) Caves, means “Piedra Pintada” in Spanish, which translates to Painted Stone in English. The cave system, located in Chisec, Guatemala within the Department of Alta Verapaz, is considered sacred to the surrounding community, El Porvenir.

The ancient painted stones, likely to be of Mayan origin, can be witnessed only by way of an 80-meter (264 feet) abseiling, or spider rappel down.

Those in search of a true epic adventure are perfectly suited for this awesome experience. Although you can also descend by way of a makeshift ladder, to enter the cave you must carefully squeeze and crawl through two small openings through the caves natural tunnels to find the rupestrian (cave art) paintings. Here is where the majestic images of the jaguar and 2 monkeys are painted.

To complete your visit to Chisec, a visit to the other natural destinations such as the cave system Jul Ik, and the Lagunas de Sepalau is highly recommended.






Tubing in Río Candelaria

The Limestone Mountains in Northern Alta Verapaz are full of magnificent caves. At Candelaria you will experience tubing within an astonishing complex system of caverns.







Laguna Lachúa Walking Tour

Enjoy a walk through the Laguna Lachuá National Park. The National Park Laguna Lachúa is a circular lake surrounded by a dense tropical jungle. It is located in the tropical forest in the municipality of Cobán, Alta Verapaz, and is known for its exquisite beauty. About two kilometers in diameter and over 200m deep, the lake is home to an abundance of animal species including jaguars, pumas and tapirs.