Tranquility or pure adventure, it's your choice. Our exclusive tour additions and activities will deliver new perspectives on the beauty, power and grace of Guatemala. 


Epic  Adventures

Ultimate Helicopter Experience

Your custom designed helicopter encounter will allow you to see the majesty and beauty of Guatemala like no other tour. Our professional pilots will point out amazing landmarks including Mayan ruins, pyramids and active volcanoes so you can capture photos and videos to share with family and friends. In addition to custom tours, private helicopter transportation is available throughout your vacation. 


Frequently visited points of interest include:

  • El Mirador

  • Santa María Volcano

  • Lake Atitlán

  • Flores Island

Pacific Coast

Fishing Experience

Possessing one of the greatest concentrations of Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Guatemala’s Pacific Coast is a major breeding grounds for these large billfish. Guatemala is considered to be the Sailfish Capital of the World. Mexico’s easterly moving currents colliding with El Salvador’s westward moving currents position Guatemala in a unique location along the Pacific Coast creating a naturally occurring eddy. This natural eddy is abundant in several species of fish, not only baitfish, but several sport-fish as well, including dorado (dolphin), tuna, grouper, and billfish such as the marlin and the sailfish.


Embark on an epic adventure to experience one of the most prime locations for sport fishing in all of the world. Collaborating with The Hook Fishing and Accommodations allows us to bring you not only a world-class fishing experience, but also a completely personalized and unique stay with personal gourmet chefs and exclusive service personnel waiting on your every need.


Scuba Dive in Lake Atitlán-

Experience Samabaj

Discover Samabaj, Guatemala’s Atlantis! Deep beneath Lake Atitlán’s surface, lies a majestic city of the Pre-Classic Mayan Civilization from over 2,000 years ago. Our exclusive access to the city allows you to experience Mayan ruins like never before. Witness the island city that was used as a religious pilgrimage for the Maya before it was covered with over 50 feet of water.


Let us share this amazing adventure with you. For un-experienced divers, don’t be discouraged, our master divers will give you a safe education of diving before taking you off of the lake’s shore. Looking to become A.D.I.P. certified? You can obtain your certification in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, as well. Click here to learn more.

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Acatenango Camping Excursion

Acatenango, Guatemala’s third largest volcano, is the perfect place to view the activity of the Volcan de Fuego. This trip is highly recommended during your stay in Guatemala. Jeofry Cardona explains that “it is like being in heaven, you are actually in the middle of clouds”. Volcan de Fuego is known to be the world’s most consistently erupting volcano. Its eruptions can be viewed from far away and like clockwork every 15 minutes you can view the smoke bellowing out of the top. Experience the changes in terrain and exhilarating microclimates while you ascend through a diverse ecosystem for your spectacular view from atop Acatenango. Here, at the summit, you will experience a high altitude fireworks show of Volcan de Fuego. This trip can be accomplished in a one-day trip or an overnight stay. During an overnight trip, a campfire, hot beverages, and a wonderful meal will prepare you for the next morning’s summit trip to experience an amazing sunrise over Guatemala. At the crater, an incredible view of Guatemala’s impressive chain of volcanoes can also be observed. From here, you can see the far reach of the ring of fire, extending from Mexico to El Salvador, through the Antigua Valley and out to the Pacific Coast.

1 Day

09:00a.m. Transfer to Acatenango

10:30a.m. Hiking from the highest point the car can drive.

02:00p.m. Lunch

05:00p.m. Arrange Camping

07:00p.m. Dinner


2 Day – Overnight

07:00a.m. Breakfast

05:00a.m. Wake Up call SUNRISE!

08:00a.m. Descend

11:00a.m. Transfer back hotel

12:00p.m. Drop off at your hotel


Mayan Ceremony

The Mayan Civilization, known as one of the mother civilization of humanity, has practices and traditions, which tap into the wonders of the universe and life.


The Mayan Ceremony is one of the best ways build an understanding of the cosmology and life vision of the Mayas. You will discover the process and the meaning of each detail of the ceremony and learn the meanings behind the beliefs. Aj’quij’= the spiritual guide, has the honor of being the intermediary between the cultures.


Guests can participate in the process by throwing candles or saying a pray. The main interest of the ceremony is to share Guatemala’s customs and the Aj’quij’ will always make the Ceremony in a way to show their thanks.

Rappel B'ombi'l Peq in

Alta Verapaz

The name B'ombi'l Peq (Bombil Pek) Caves, means “Piedra Pintada” in Spanish, which translates to Painted Stone in English. The cave system, located in Chisec, Guatemala within the Department of Cobán, is considered sacred to the surrounding community, El Porvenir.


The ancient painted stones, likely to be of Mayan origin, can be witnessed only by way of an 80-meter (264 feet) abseiling, or spider rappel down. Those in search of a true epic adventure are perfectly suited for this awesome experience. Although you can also descend by way of a makeshift ladder, to enter the cave you must carefully squeeze and crawl through two small openings through the caves natural tunnels to find the rupestrian (cave art) paintings. Here is where the majestic images of the jaguar and 2 monkeys are painted.


To complete your visit to Chisec, a visit to the other natural destinations such as the cave system Jul Ik, and the Lagunas de Sepalau is highly recommended.


Photo credit: buttim

Antigua Street Food

Enjoy a gastronomy-inspired journey through Antigua Guatemala’s historic colonial streets. Local food connoisseurs guide epicurean travelers through a discovery of authentic and traditional flavors and hidden food gems while uncovering the unique character and sights of this awe-inspiring traditional Guatemalan town.

Options around Antigua


Options around Lake Atitlán


Options around Alta Verapaz





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