Columbus Luxury Travel is an expert Tour Operator; it is not a travel agency.


The difference between a tour operator and a travel agency is that travel agencies act as a go-between, by booking third party operators and different airlines. Travel agencies have very little insight about their destinations and lack in-depth knowledge about specific sites and locations visited during their customer’s travel. As a tour operator, Columbus Luxury Travel organizes and operates each traveler’s trip from beginning to end, creating once-in-a-lifetime experiences that a travel agency simply cannot offer.

Columbus Luxury Travel offers a unique perspective and a special connection to one of Latin America's greatest offerings, Guatemala!

The Columbus Luxury Travel logo is a symbol that represents the roots of our culture as well as our passion to share the awe-inspiring wonders of Guatemala. 


Geometric symbolism paints the streets and homes throughout Latin American cultures. Textiles and native species adorned with breathtaking colors and patterns are iconic to the Mayan world. Our logo showcases the bold colors of a vibrant Latin American culture and also symbolizes the traveler who is immersed into this magical world.


As a traveler, you are represented by the diamond in the middle surrounded by the people, the landscape and life that make Guatemala the most unforgettable Central American destination.

The symmetry and kaleidoscopic properties inherently create an attraction to this symbol. Our eyes and minds relax at the sight of a balanced shape. The application of colorful pattern brings this symbol to life and reflects the magnificent spirit of Guatemala.

We look through a kaleidoscope as a child to make the world around us a more magical place. It is our portal into patterns and colors that we never thought could be so beautiful. Columbus Luxury Travel is your portal to that magical place.



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