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The Columbus Luxury Travel experience is truly unique. Each of our destinations are carefully explored to guarantee that your expectations will always be exceeded. No one else will experience the same adventure as you. You select the destination, and we do the rest. Your custom designed itinerary will allow you to see the majesty and beauty of Guatemala or any other location in Central America like no other tour. Our professional guides will point out amazing landmarks, share unique experiences, and keep your personal travel interests the top priority. Tell us your travel desires and we'll arrange the trip of a lifetime!


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When it comes to travel, we all have our own personal interests and trip goals. Some of us may prefer architecture, others might love to see the local wildlife or culture. Whether you are traveling for regional cuisine, ready to hike extraordinary feats, or simply want to relax the day away, we provide the most exceptional experiences each destination has to offer. 


Satiate your need for adventure. Explore volcanoes, caves, jungles, cloud forests, underwater worlds, Mayan ruins; whether on foot, by 4X4, bike, kayak, or horseback, discover the road less traveled! Prepare to embark on epic journeys where you will experience genuine hospitality from native people with inspiring stories to share. Whether you are seeking authentic cultural encounters, pure adventure, or complete relaxation and pampering you have come to the right place. We create special moments that will change your perspective on life.



We bring you together with the local people who represent a country’s cultural; these people create the social fabric. They are the local coffee farmers, the indigenous women who weave for the co-op, the elderly spiritual guide, the children playing soccer in a remote village in the highlands. These are the people that will reveal to you the unique knowledge and insight of a country’s local culture. Join us for this inimitable connection to Guatemala's local culture.



There is no greater gift than traveling with your family. International family vacations are not simply happy memories in the making. They also allow us to take the opportunity to educate our children about the world they live in, cultures that differ from their own, and permit us to share the benefits of being open-minded in new and different worlds. Family travel forms a special bond through sharing experiences, gives the family a new perspective, and teaches understanding while expanding our horizons by seeing how other people live.



Guatemala is home to an impressive amount of native birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, with over 1200 documented and many more undocumented species. This is due to the nearly 20 different ecosystems and 300 microclimates. Although many animal species are found in the wetland areas of the country, most of the animals reside in the lowland forest regions. In an effort to preserve these natural wonders, Guatemala has created 118 wildlife reserves. Local knowledge of these areas is key to enjoying these hidden gems of nature. You’ll be amazed at the unparalleled expertise of our local guides and the professional skill with which they discover, identify, and share these marvels of nature.


"A picture's worth a thousand words"! Memories that we make in our travels will live in our hearts and minds, they are powerful and each one is different. However, these memories can fade. Capture these experiences through the lens of your camera and they will last a lifetime. Change your perspective of the world on a photographic journey that is created specifically for your personal preferences. We will design each photographic journey according to your needs and personal preferences to maximize your photo opportunities.



To truly enjoy a country or region you must know the local cuisine! Gastronomy connects you with an area's culture as the two undoubtedly correlate. Experience the intricate fusion of cultural and nutritional ingredients that create an area's gastronomy. Join us on a gastronomy-inspired journey where local food connoisseurs will guide you through a discovery of authentic and traditional flavors and share hidden food gems while uncovering the unique character and sights of your awe-inspiring adventure.


Planning a wedding is tough, that's what wedding planners are for. There are so many things involved with organizing and coordinating the intricate and moving parts of a wedding, but after it's all said and done, you want your honeymoon or special romantic getaway to be simply perfect. This is the perfect opportunity to share your interests and dreams with us to create the perfect escape for your romantic getaway.


Tell us your dreams and we'll plan the:
flights & airport assistance, private driver & tour guide, spa treatments and private villas, romantic sunset dinners, secluded beachside fires, champagne, and flowers, and anything else you can imagine. We will make your dream getaway a reality.





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