Five Days

Enchanting history and magical encounters with the wildlife of Guatemala will carve special memories in your heart with one of our five day adventure tours. Contact one of our tour guide experts to personalize your adventure or book directly online through our Quick Book scheduler.


Mayan Journey Through Time

It's time to experience Guatemala! Join us on an adventure of a lifetime. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature and culture, experience with local communities the wonders of Guatemala.


Find yourself on a trip through time to begin your trip in the enchanting city of Tikal. Stay the night in a jungle lodge, and awake from the sounds of your natural surroundings. Enjoy the sunset over the Sacnab and Yaxhá lagoons from your tour at the Yaxhá ruins. Finally, head to relax on Guatemala's Caribbean side in Livingston where you will experience the unique culture of the Garifuna people, and experience the important ancient Maya trading site of Quiriguá.

Day 1: Experience the

Yaxhá Sunset

Day 2: Explore


Day 3: Visit Rio Dulce &


Day 4: Discover 


Day 5: Experience Guatemala City


5        4

DAY S          NIGHTS



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Enchanting Guatemalan History

Experience true cultural immersion while traveling to the heartland of the Mayan Civilization. From past to present the civilization thrives with an abundance of tradition and culture. Start your trip back in time at the Ixim'che ruins and finish in the thriving communities of the Ixil Triangle.

Day 1: Explore Ixim'che

Travel to Xela

Day 2: Discover


Day 3: Explore Totonicapán

Day 4: Visit 

The Ixil Triangle

Day 5: Experience Guatemala City


5        4

DAY S          NIGHTS



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Guatemalan Nature Encounters

Get lost in nature in Guatemala's tropical jungle. Alta Verapaz offers this region a unique climate and ecosystem. Everything thrives, from plants and birds to pumas and tapirs, you have an opportunity to experience nature like never before. Take a dip in Semuc Champey's sublime turquoise pools and take a tubing trip through Candelaria's amazing cave system. This trip is an adventure and nature lover's paradise!

Day 1: Enjoy Nature in

Ram Tzul

Day 2: Indulge in

Semuc Champey

Day 3: Explore Candaleria

Day 4: Discover 

Laguna Lachua

Day 5: Experience Guatemala City