We offer a unique perspective and a special connection to one of Latin America's greatest offerings, Guatemala!


Columbus Luxury Travel is devoted to sharing the wonders of Guatemala. We consider it the best Central American destination. This is a beautiful land with truly breathtaking landscapes, like the iconic Lake Atitlán and the exotic black sand beaches from volcanic ash.


This land, with an amazing diversity of people, traditions and cultures, offers the heart of the Maya world. Guatemala represents a people that enliven the land, expressing themselves through languages, traditions, dress and folkloric festivals, and celebrate their faith and historic deeds with magnificent colorfulness.

Today, Guatemala is a safe and peaceful country. Although the country suffered greatly from the 30 year civil war between 1960 and 1996, stability and harmony among the people have become the norm, and the country remains rich with a unique cultural heritage.  But Guatemala is more than just safe. It’s breathtaking! Abundant with world-renowned landmarks and incredible landscapes, it’s a destination you’ll fall in love with at first sight.



In Guatemala

Guatemala may be a small Central American country, but it is rich with culture, history, and tradition. The country is home to a vast collection of Mayan and pre-Mayan cities and archaeological artifacts. While most known for being home to the city of Tikal, Guatemala is rich with other historical significance with the city of Antigua becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tikal is the largest excavated site in the American continent and contains some of the most fascinating archaeological remains of the ancient Maya civilization. 


Founded in 1542, Antigua was the first planned city in the Americas, structured on a rigid grid pattern, and is easily recognized by its cobblestone streets. In 1979, Antigua Guatemala became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered a cultural gem in Central America because of its vibrant culture, historical significance, and rare beauty.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Quiriguá is an ancient Maya archeological site in the department of Izabal in south-eastern Guatemala. It is a medium-sized site of Mayan ruins, covering approximately 3 square kilometers along the lower Motagua River. During the Maya Classic Period, Quiriguá was in a crucial location as it was situated in the junction of several important trade routes.


Better known as “Xela”, Quetzaltenango is the second largest city in Guatemala. Sitting at an altitude of 2,333 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level, Quetzaltenango ensures warm days, cool nights and no mosquitoes. This enchanting vibrant city is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes and is laced with narrow, cobblestone streets built for walking and filled with the colorful signs of Mayan culture.



In Guatemala

Guatemala is rich with culture. The friendliness, benevolence, and generosity of the Guatemalan people is truly extraordinary. Likely, due to their remarkable history. The Mayan Civilization excelled far beyond other societies of its time with its manufacturing of rubber, cultivated crops of cacao, papaya, and avocado, and the creation of their complex number system and calendar; its no wonder the population is still a thriving civilization.

There are approximately six million Mayas surviving today, with most of them living in Guatemala. Although there is a significant European presence in Guatemala, many of the native Mayan traditions have endured with its people. Five hundred years ago Spaniards came to Guatemala. Because many of the Mayans lived in mountainous areas, these indigenous people were isolated from the many Catholic missionaries and were able to keep many of their cultural traditions. Despite the inevitable domination suffered by the Spanish invasion, the Mayans’ method to keeping their Native culture thriving is their adaptability. Though the culture could not help but be influenced by the Spanish, the Maya succeeded in keeping their traditional cultural foundation.

The people that call this incredible country home have created a rich culture that is fascinating, unique, and still flourishing.


Awe-Inspiring Landscapes

There’s nothing quite like visiting the ruins of the most impressive civilization or spotting a majestic, wild animal in its natural habitat. But Guatemala's scenery is so breathtaking it frequently takes center stage.

Guatemala is a place filled with nature, with 19 eco-systems and 300 microclimates, it’s home to over 30 volcanoes and 118 wildlife preserves.

Best of all, because a large part of Guatemala is preserved as national parks or nature reserves, these landscapes bestow a pristine glance of the world as it once was.



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