The Pacaya National Park is part of the Central American Volcanic Arc located in the Escuintla Department; 19 miles southwest of Guatemala City and near the city of Antigua. Although active, may visitors are able to enjoy the wonders of this volcano. Horseback or hiking, Pacaya is visited daily by individuals willing to get a close up view of the lava field surrounding it. While you will likely not see any molten lava, you can watch eruptions from the main caldera while you enjoy roasted marshmallows over the hot vent openings just below the crater’s base.


Climb Pacaya

Being in the Ring of Fire, with more than 37 volcanoes, Guatemala has an amazing geography. Three of its impressive volcanoes are currently active. Pacaya is one of the active volcanoes in Guatemala and is safe to climb. The experience of climbing Pacaya will definitely be an unforgettable one.

Climb Pacaya

24 hr  |  $360.00 (2 person)  |  Daily


Experience Pacaya Volcano on Horseback

Make your trip to Pacaya Volcano truly memorable by conquering the mountain on horseback. While traversing up the volcano, you will ascend almost to the top of the 8,373' massive active volcano. Stop for a picnic lunch while admiring the sporadic explosions from a safe distance, and roast marshmallow's in the steam vents surrounding your lunch site.

Experience Pacaya Volcano on Horseback

    1 Day  |  $455.00 (2 person)  |  Daily

Pacaya Volcano and Thermal Pools

Revitalize and Relax! After your trek up Pacaya, it's time to melt your stresses away at the nearby thermal pools. Fed by natural geothermal waters, provided by the volcanic activity in the area, the thermal pools have natural healing powers. Sore muscles are massaged away by the professional staff, followed by an invigorating thermal circuit. The thermal circuit was designed to reduce stress, soothe aching muscles, increase circulation, and relieve such aliments as tendonitis, arthritis, and insomnia. 

Pacaya Volcano and Thermal Pools

    24 hr  |  $465.00 (2 person)  |  Daily




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