Time to start planning your trip to Monterrico, Guatemala’s Pacific Coast treasure. Being on Guatemala’s Pacific Coastline, Monterrico offers a beautiful volcanic black sand beach. Located in Guatemala’s Pacific Highlands, the region is about 75 miles from the tour-central city of Antigua. For those looking to enjoy nature, explore the country, have an adventure, or just relax, Monterrico has something for everyone. Monterrico is one of the nicest beach towns on the pacific coast, the town’s atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. At dusk you can witness the stunning sunset views across the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful beach, making it a perfect environment for relaxing. Being twice as long as the Atlantic coastline, the Pacific Coast also hosts a beautiful mangrove forest, which provides a great place to spot a large array of wildlife. On the beach, four species of sea turtles can be found and the shore is a common area to witness the amazing hatching of the baby sea turtles, as the coast is a well-known area for nesting. The coast hosts many amazing beaches and excursions including horseback riding, as well as mangrove swamp tours and a visit to the local conservatory for the world's keystone species, the sea turtle. 






Fish the Pacific

Possessing one of the greatest concentrations of Indo-Pacific Sailfish, Guatemala’s Pacific Coast is a major breeding grounds for these large billfish. Guatemala is considered to be the Sailfish Capital of the World. Mexico’s easterly moving currents colliding with El Salvador’s westward moving currents position Guatemala in a unique location along the Pacific Coast creating a naturally occurring eddy. This natural eddy is abundant in several species of fish, not only baitfish, but several sport-fish as well, including dorado (dolphin), tuna, grouper, and billfish such as the marlin and the sailfish. Embark on an epic adventure to experience one of the most prime locations for sport fishing in the entire world. Collaborating with The Hook Fishing and Accommodations allows us to bring you not only a world-class fishing experience, but also a completely personalized and unique stay with personal gourmet chefs and exclusive service personnel waiting on your every need.


Explore the Pacific Coast on Horseback

Enjoy a hands-on experience on horseback of Monterrico's black sand beach. Our professional guides will share a leisurely trail ride or allow you to let the ocean air blow through your hair while you run down the sandy shores.







Mangrove Forest Boat Tour

The Pacific Coast, home of the volcanic black sand beach, also hosts a large mangrove forest and nature reserve. Enjoy a ferry ride down the Chiquimulilla Canal, which leads to a pristine Mangrove forest, providing a great place to spot a large array of wildlife.


Enjoy a boat tour of the mangrove forest for an invigorating experience of the area's unique nature.