Ten Days


Refreshing natural springs, ancient ruins of a resilient people, and hidden treasures in paradise are sure to capture your senses as you escape to Guatemala's top travel destinations and secret hidden gems shared only by our local tour guides. Experience travel like never before as you explore Guatemala on one of our ten day discovery tours. Contact one of our personal tour guide experts to personalize your adventure or book directly online through our Quick Book scheduler.

Discover Guatemala 

Normal travelers go from place to place just visiting, but why not immerse yourself into the history, nature, culture, smells, colors, shapes, and tastes of your destination. Witness the fusion of past and present as you encounter today's Guatemala rooted in yesterday's past.

Click the image to see each day's itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in

Guatemala City

Day 6: Uncover 

Rio Dulce & Livingston

Day 2: Enjoy Nature in

Ram Tzul

Day 7: Explore 

Lake Atitán & Villages

Day 3: Discover

Semuc Champey

Day 8: Visit


Day 4: Refreshing 


Day 9: Experience


Day 5: Explore 


Day 10: Experience

Guatemala City


10        9

DAY S          NIGHTS



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Incredible Guatemala

Throughout the country, vibrant colors of blues, reds, and yellows capture a history that transcends time in techni-color. The last stronghold of the Mayan civilization, Guatemala remains central to traditions that date back thousands of years.

Begin your adventure back in time in one of the Maya's largest central cities in Tikal National Park. Then splash into nature with a tubing adventure within Alta Verapaz's complex cave system at B'omb'il Pek and refresh in the sublime natural pools in Semuc Champey. Witness striking mountain scenery and incredible cenotes in a rural and traditional Highland visit in Huehuetenango (the place of way-way). Travel to the enchanting Lake Atitlan, and complete your visit in the iconic colonial city of Antigua.

Click the image to see each day's itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in

Guatemala City

Day 6: Sacred waters of


Day 2: Explore


Day 7: Discover the 


Day 3: Tubing in

B'ombi'l Peq

Day 8: Enchanting

Lake Atitlán

Day 4: Indulge in 

Semuc Champey

Day 9: Authentic

Antigua by Bike 

Day 5: Transcend time  

in Huehuetenango

Day 10: Experience

Guatemala City