Workshops & Classes

Depart on a journey of discovery, and immerse yourself in Guatemala! Our exclusive tour workshops and classes will deliver new perspectives on the beauty, intrigue, and enchantment of Guatemala. 

Artisanal Coffee Tour


Lead by small-holder coffee farmers in San Miguel Escobar, you will experience a day in the life of a farmer. Atop Volcán Agua you will see the coffee fields, and be invited into the farmer's house to learn about and utilize the machinery used to process coffee. But the best part of all comes at the end when you get to roast coffee in the traditional Guatemalan way, over the fire, and share a fresh cup of coffee with the farmer and their family. 

Chicken Bus Workshop


Within Guatemala, the Chicken Bus is a popular source of transportation and part of the country’s culture. These buses are painted in bright and distinctive colors, which represent the area the bus travels to, so the patrons know which bus to chose. Because of a high illiteracy rate among Guatemala’s inhabitants the Chicken Bus’s colors are crucial for the customers to recognize the bus’s destination. Join us in a fun-filled journey to explore the traditional Chicken Bus; learn where they go, how they're made, and why they're so important to Guatemala's transit system.

Local Culinary Class


Enjoy the authentic tastes and flavors of Guatemala’s food culture. Depart on a journey of gastronomy and learn how to prepare and cook the country’s local cuisine, while discovering the unique history and influence behind the local creations. With a distinctive harmony of Mayan and Spanish influence, the mixture of ingredients, spices, and foods, create an unusual fusion that only Guatemala can produce. Receive instruction from local culinary experts to recreate these delights from your own kitchen at home.

Weaving Workshop


San Antonio Aguas Calientes is situated at 1,577 meters elevation above sea level. The people here cultivate corn, beans, vegetables, and coffee. But a vital part of this small community is their famous weaving products. With approximately 8,632 inhabitants, 52% of the population are women, with 80% of them still weaving their customary wear, thanks to the tradition past down from their mothers.


Through textiles and ideology we will share with you why the Maya Culture has been named one of the Mother Cultures of Humanity. Join us for the unforgettable experience of a weaving workshop. The tour's splendors include the back strap loom, textile creation, and the ancient process of natural cotton threads and natural dye. This process has almost become a dead tradition, but the women in this village allow you to discover this ancient tradition and also give you the opportunity to participate.

Chocolate Workshop


The chocolate workshop teaches each guest the process "from the cacao bean to the chocolate bar". The workshop is approximately 2 hours and you learn the individual steps of the creation of the chocolate bar, from the very beginning of the cacao harvest from the plantation to the end resulting chocolate bar. You will start by roasting and peeling the cacao beans, and then grind the beans into a paste. The cacao paste is then used to prepare the traditional chocolate, (also known as Mayan Chocolate), the first known drink made from cacao. To finish your workshop, you will prepare your own chocolate to take home from the refined chocolate. 

Jade Workshop

The mystical gem of love and eternal life, the stone of heaven. 
Revered by ancestral cultures more than gold. 
A true treasure of Guatemala 


During your Jade workshop, you embark on a fascinating journey through time, where you can appreciate and value what our ancestors called "The Stone of Heaven". Through the use of your senses, you can discover jade in its natural state and appreciate the different colors and tones that make Guatemalan jade so unique and different. In addition, you can experience the process of making real works of art worked with the help of talented Guatemalan artisans and delight in the mysteries of the Mayan world.




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